Student Assessment has Three (3) components:

  1. Online, web-based quizzes contribute towards the term mark. These quizzes will be available for a limited time (approximately 24 hours) on specific dates throughout the session. This will be outlined in the sessional course syllabus. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule to write the quizzes. You MUST access the quiz from a reliable (preferably wired) access point.
  2. The WRITTEN final examination will cover all material presented in the course. Assessment will be through multiple choice questions, fill in the blank and short and long answers..
  3. Graded written assignment on an assigned topic
  4. Participation marks will be assigned for regular and constructive contributions to the online discussions boards.

Marks Breakdown:

Discussion Board Participation & Assignment Ongoing   20%
On-Line Quizzes (best 12 of 16) Ongoing   30%
Final (cumulative) TBA   50%
Total 100%